3 Replies to “Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: Distressing”

  1. Hi! Great video. I´ve just started selling Annie Sloan paint in Sweden after having read all the rave reviews in the US (and yes, now I know it IS that good!). I have also found out that there is a simple solution if you leave the lid off the paint and it thickens – you just add some water and mix it in to the paint in the tin and the water mixes right in making the paint thinner again. Hope that helps. Good luck with your projects in the future. All the best from Sweden. //Sarah

  2. Please see your nearest Stockist for training and support for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. We have been trained by Annie herself and know all the different ways of applying this paint….so many techniques! And sand AFTER applying clear wax.

  3. Yes, definitely sand AFTER the clear wax!!! It makes it so nice. The sanded down paint just clumps together in a powdery mass that you can just wipe off! No breathing paint dust for us! This is a great video and I LOVE chalk paint!

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