*Bedroom carpet is a mauve pink – help me choose a color to paint the walls and decide my curtains!*?

First off, the carpet cannot be changed. Secondly, right now the walls are stark white and I’m not feeling it. Third, when I say mauve pink let me remind you it is not baby girl pink, nor is it barbie hot pink. Fourth, my room is real small. (I’d give measurements but I’m not there right now. But trust me, it’s small.) It is also square-not rectangular or odd shaped. The ceiling is flat.
I also have three sets of curtains I can choose from. (The room only has one window.) I can put up solid mauve pink with cream white lace accent w/ matching valance; a sheer white lace curtain with floral design; or a sheer material with an all over rose design that looks like watercolors in various shades of pink.
As you can tell, I’m a feminine decorator. I am 19 years old. I like vintage things. I love roses! I love the whole vintage shabby chic look, french boudoir, victorian, or chic beach cottage look.
Feel free to add other suggestions!!!!! I love decorating!

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  1. so you have a small squer room with a mauve pink carpet in the middle. and one window..

    for walls you can do it light blue (somthing like petrol blue) and the curtain light mauve pink with a dark mauve pink lace

    you can use wallpaper with floral patterns.. (light and dark pink-dark yellow-) and then put a checkered -modern like- curtain…. you can use dark yellow -gold like- lace with the curtain.. and this can match the colors on the floral pattern on the wall paper

    i think the 2nd option is better…

    in all cases i dont think that pink carpet can match well with white walls

  2. I’m drawn to say a pale yellow wall color, at least on two walls, leaving the other two walls white, with each color facing the other, along with the watercolor curtains. Then add some pale yellow, white, and that pink/rose accessories.

    Small room, keep it light.

  3. Paint the walls a slightly deeper shade of white or creamy beige. Just be sure to pick a shade that compliments your carpet. You’d be amazed what a difference choosing the correct “warm” or “cool” shade will make. Keep the wall color light. It will “open” your room and allow more decorating options. Go to Home Depot or similar store where they have a large selection of paint sample cards and bring a bunch home. See what colors look best in you room (NOT just in the store) and be sure it works with your carpet. Consider adding a wallpaper border and new bedding to pull the look together. Waverly.com, shabbychic.com and Notooshabby.com are some great places to look for ideas and inspritaiton. Hope this helps!

  4. you could paint the walls some sort of off-white or cream color, but if you aren’t into playing it so safe, light grey would be nice. Or you could find out what shade of green best compliments mauve pink if you want to paint the walls green, or blue would be nice and bold.

    I think I would go with light grey walls and the rose print curtain. Beautiful white curtain rods would be a nice accent, as would accent pillows that match the curtain and accompany your theme.

  5. It might be a little unusual but I’d go for a light gray colour, on the blue side of gray. It’s a soothing peaceful colour so it’s good for a bedroom. I think that with mauve pink, gray, and white lace you could have a charming room. Get some other things in lace besides the curtains–pillowcases, doilies, lampshades. The roses you love could also work in very nicely with this sort of look.

  6. silvery gray with a lilac blush. check this color out: Sherwin Williams “grape mist”. and for the trim id go with “plum brown”.
    this color palette has a chic beachy/ victorian feel. it would look great with either the second or third curtain choice.

  7. Paint your room a creamy color, like “Sand Dollar White” by Behr (it’s actually more of a yellow-beige than a white). Or if you want to go a slight bit darker, I think that “classic taupe” would look pretty. Check ’em out:

    As for the curtains, I like the sound of the solid mauve with white lace.

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