Chalk paint before and after – duck egg blue picture frame

Chalk paint before and after: painting a picture frame in duck egg blue

The picture frame before I painted it with chalk paint.

What the picture frame look like chalk painted in duck egg blue.

This picture frame is 8 x 10 size is actually made out of a plastic polymer material.

The chalk paint went on smoothly and beautifully.

Painting the picture frame with chalk paint. .

I only needed to use one coat of duck egg blue.

distressing chalk paint with a damp cloth.

I then distressed the frame with a damp cloth to bring some of the gold through.

Duck egg blue and gold painted frame.

This is what the frame looked like right before I clear waxed it.

Big blue chalk paint before putting on Clear wax.

My photoframe, completed and chalk painted, after clear waxing and buffing.

chalk painted picture frame.

How to Salvage ‘Beat Up’ Bunk Beds

Are your bunk beds so beat up that you close the door when guests come over? Time to buy another set? WRONG!

You can refinish you’re your existing wood beds to look even better than they did when new. The job of refinishing furniture has become much easier with the many new products and techniques that are available now. The sense of pride and accomplishment that follow a job such as this makes the work involved well worth the effort.

First, decide what you want the finished product to look like. The most popular finish now is called ‘distressed’ furniture. Consumers are paying high dollars for furniture with this finish, and you can easily do it yourself! The technique of this finish requires gouges and scratches. Perfect for bunk beds that the kids have ‘ruined’ over the years! Little did you know that they were actually helping you with your project. To get step-by-step instructions for this technique google ‘distressed furniture technique’ – you will be presented with several options. Choose the one that is most understandable to you.

Another popular look that is easy to do would be to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to refurbish the beds. This technique requires no stripping of the wood, and minimal sanding. The finished products that I have seen are stunning. Another benefit of Chalk Paint is that you can use virtually any color. The color option is wonderful if you are trying to create a theme in the room. To get step-by-step instructions google ‘Chalk Paint technique’.

Before you start your project take the bunkbeds apart. You need to disassemble the beds so that you will not have areas peeking thru with unfinished wood. (This is essential if you want your job to look professional). Take your full over full bunk beds out to the garage. You have ample space to work in the garage and you don’t have to worry about the rug or the walls being splattered with paint. If you do not have a garage, place a large plastic sheet on the floor of the room you will use for your project.

Hopefully this has gotten your creative juices flowing and given you some ideas and inspiration. Happy refinishing!

Shabby Chic Furniture Appliques for Chalk Painting! You will LOVE these!

OMG!  I have heard of these and have now seen and fallen in love with them…shabby chic appliques for furniture!  I have this great bookcase that I will be chalk painting this week.  It has no “gingberbread” as it were…and I WANT some.  I love antiquing and distressing those portions of furniture that have lots of nooks and crannies.  They can even bend to find on curved pieces and can be used outside.  My stockist told me about them.  I found them… Continue reading “Shabby Chic Furniture Appliques for Chalk Painting! You will LOVE these!”

Delicate Pink Chalk Painted Frame for Child’s Room

Chalk paint for kids room.

I wanted to make something “with my own two hands” for my little girls room, she is 3 and pink is her favorite color!  I had also never mixed my own chalk paint color before, and, I thought, this would be a good opportunity.  My mom had this great resin frame that looked ugly, just gathering dust.  So – I made it beautiful again!… Continue reading “Delicate Pink Chalk Painted Frame for Child’s Room”

How to Paint a Pumpkin – Decorating with White Pumpkins

My beautiful Fall table decorations using my painted pumpkins.

I saw these stunning photos of different types of pumpkins arranged for fall decorating in the latest Pottery Barn catalog.  I fell in love…instantly.  One of the focal points were these beautiful mercury glass pumpkins…I have a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old…I try to minimize breakables around the house, especially on kid accessible surfaces!  So, I decided to try to make my own faux mercury glass pumpkins after finding this incredible post Continue reading “How to Paint a Pumpkin – Decorating with White Pumpkins”

How to Make Your Own Chalk Paint Colors

How to make chalk paint.

There are many different colors of Annie Sloan paint available right out of the can, but, what if you need just the right shade, and its not in one of the cans?  This is what I faced when coming up with just the right color for the beautiful frame I was going to make for my little girl’s room.  So, what did I do, I decided to make my own!!  Annie Sloan gives several examples of creating new colors on her site and I decided I would mix Scandinavian Pink with Old White to make a delicate pink paint color called Hydrangea… Continue reading “How to Make Your Own Chalk Paint Colors”

Who’s Afraid of the Big Dark Wax? (The KEY to Antiquing Chalk Paint!)

Chalk painted and Antiqued Cherub angel.

I was!  I was afraid to use the dark wax on my pristinely chalk painted furniture!  But, now that I’ve used it a few times and have seen what it can do to make a chalk paint project come to life – I love it!  One of my favorite steps in repurposing a piece of furniture.

So you too can appreciate the magic, I will share some before dark wax and after dark waxing photos… Continue reading “Who’s Afraid of the Big Dark Wax? (The KEY to Antiquing Chalk Paint!)”

Chalk Painted and Distressed Coat Hook Rack

The final product, distressed and wall mounted coat racks.

These oak coat hook racks came with our house when we bought it.  They are one of the most frequently used items in the house, but, I was never really pleased with how they looked.  My current project focus is redecorating my entryway, so, I decided to get creative and try some new chalk paint techniques on these bad boys!  It took me awhile to decide, then it came to me, Versailles Green on the top with areas of Primer Red peeking through, all with a nice dark wax antiqued finish… Continue reading “Chalk Painted and Distressed Coat Hook Rack”

Chalk Paint Colors

Chalk Paint Color Chart.

There are currently 26 different colors of Annie Sloane chalk paint that come in 1 quart pots.  However, you can always mix your own unique colors as well.  This is especially easy to do by using Old White with any of the colors.  In this post I will focus on the original 24 chalk paint colors.  In a future post, coming soon, I will demonstrate how I did some custom chalk paint color mixing using 2 colors to make a 3rd unique delicate pink color for the project I was working on… Continue reading “Chalk Paint Colors”