Melissa & Doug – White Chalk For playing hopscotch or creating art on a sidewalk or a chalkboard, here is the box of chalk you’ve been looking for. This box of twelve traditional, round sticks of white dustless chalk is completely non-toxic. Ages 3+ years. “to”

Wood and Water Murals 1: Gone but Not Forgotten

Gone but Not Forgotten is the first in a series of murals painted by Jennifer Maria Harris around San Francisco as part of the Wood and Water series. Everyone is invited to be part of the mural by writing in the name of someone or something “gone but not forgotten” with chalk, creating a temporary community-based memorial. The mural also contains a square in which improvised paintings are made with chalk paint: when one fades away, a new one will be created. More info at: or ‘Like” us on Facebook at: Wood and Water Murals


Short animation using chalk, paint and cut-outs to create the volcanic eruption. School animation project made in Oldham. Produced by Paul Wilcox.

Distinct TV

A place to view, share & inspire anything that has to do with the – Finishing of Fine Interiors. Through the perspective of Randy Orr (decorative artist), founder of Distinct Interiors.

Nougami Neuro FanArt

So i decided to test mixed media in a drawing of Nougami Neuro 8D This is my first video ^^’ so its not very good ‘~’ I hope you’ll enjoy it 😀 (I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTER, ALL RIGHTS GO TO CREATOR OF MAJIN TANTEI NOUGAMI NEURO) Song 1: Nightmare – Dirty (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Opening) Song 2: Deadman Wonder Band ft Nirgilis – Chocolate

How do I “heat set” a shirt I just painted on with fabric paint?

I started by drawing my design with chalk and then drew over it with a black Deco-Paint marker. The pen states that I should “heat set” the paint, but I’m not sure how to do this, especially with chalk still on it a little. Do I just iron the shirt to do this? Would it be a good idea to dry clean it instead? Or is there another way to do this…?