Does Glass Chalk damage car paint?

Using the “Glass Chalk” brand original glass chalk, will it do any serious damage to a cars paint if it is only lightly applied and dried overnight? Notice this is ‘temporary paint’ and not the actual chalk.


I need some ideas for Public Art?

I’m about to start a public art project in my school and I’m looking for ideas about what to do. Nothing can be permanent (ie; spraypaint, etc). I’m thinking stencils and chalk-paint. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Any ideas on what I could do? I want to make people THINK for once…

How to Stencil Temporary Designs on Walls

If you live in an apartment or you rent property where you are not allowed to paint your walls, try stenciling temporary designs onto the walls with chalk. Start by crushing the chalk into a powder and mixing it with a small amount of water. Then use this “paint” to stencil designs on your walls. You can wipe them off when it’s time to get your deposit back. Another idea on how to use the chalk is to simply use it to draw your design onto the wall.

is paint chalk on car windows illegal in hawaii?

is having paint chalk on the back of your car window illegal in hawaii? My husbands comin home from a deployment soon and just wanted to put welcome home on the back window.ive tried lookin up online if its illegal or not in hawaii but i cant find any information.thanks for all your help:)

Lubricating Sticky Wooden Drawers with Wax – Lubricate Wood Drawer Runners – Waxing the wood runners and wooden drawers to lubricate them to get drawers unstuck and make them slide easier in an antique desk refurbished with chalk paint. After this desk was painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint, it was time for the finishing touches, including waxing the wooden drawers with wood runners to lubricate them. Here is how I did it!