how to paint furniture that has formica or other dificult finishes on it

In this vidoe I explain the steps and supplies neccessary to paint a formica surface. I also explain how to properly prepare metal to be painted. In this video you will see a cedar chest be completely transformed by first painting the piece of furniture and then painting and distressing the hardware. There are many furniture painting techniques available in my other videos also.

king size french shabby chic bed,

Louvre Complete Panel White King Size Bed [HIINT2151] Louvre 5ft king size Panel Bed Frame The Louvre Range is a unique collection of classical French, provincial style, white painted furniture with many traditional features, including hard carved details and individual hand finishing with a seven-step colour and ageing process to create a truly authentic finish. *Mattress Not Included (see our mattress collection) H:1460 W:1800 L:2090 Price: £850.00

How do you redo your room?

Hi, I live in a house with my mom and I moved in here 3 years ago. My mom picked out my furniture and decorated my room. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that it’s not really ME. I am into feng shai or a shabby chic antique feeling. I have a dark brown bed, side table, and dresser. My walls are painted sky blue and biege. I also have medium brown colored curtains. I want to redo my room but 1. my room is small, 2. we are in a bad economy so we can’t spend a lot and 3. I think she won’t let me change anything. Isn’t your room supposed to match your personality? I really would like some ideas on what to put in it. I also want to get some new sheets and comforters. My room is boring so I want to change it. I need some ideas… ideas please.

Shabby chic question..please help?

I am trying to do my daughters room in shabby chic decor. My question is should everything be painted in bright white or can I use antique white?? I bought a can of antique white paint because it just seemed natural to use antique colors when doing a cracked shabby chic finish however all the things I have looked at online show the furniture painted in stark white. What should I do??/

How do I make this kitchen look more up to date?! (see the pics)?

This picture is from Christmas so sorry about that…but you get the idea-the cabinets are out of date…oven is white for some reason…I just want to do something to make it look better! Haven’t lived here very long so I’m still working on making it my own…something simple but cozy, shabby chic…but I don’t want to spend a ton of money. Any great decorating ideas? Thanks!


Also-here’s my fireplace-I don’t know why it’s partly painted…do you think I should just paint all the wood black? It just doesn’t look right to me..

by the way…..the microwave is black and stainless and the walls are not white, they are a light brown/tan (cafe color) If i paint the cabinets, what color?

Shabby Chic Distressing

Get the Shabby Chic look by layering paint and sanding. Paint layer coats: 1st: Espresso Spray 2nd: Heritage White Spray (2 coats for full coverage) 3rd: Acrylic Craft Paint (

Myshabbychicboutique promo.wmv

Beautiful french inspired and contemporary shabby chic furniture and lighting.If you like what you see please visit and remember to tell only your very best friends

Decorating idea for playroom…help?

I am thinking about doing a beach theme for a playroom. It is for two small children. I would do a loft bed and make it the surf shack, with thatch roofing and distressed painting. Storage underneath in bins. Any cute ideas for wall coverings, window coverings, decor, etc. I do not want to go to overboard on the theme…I think I may get tired of it soon. I do have one tall bookcase that is shabby chic. Not sure how that will fit into the theme, but I must keep it (one drawer and 4 shelves). I would love some help and any ideas on how to make this cute, yet able to change later on if I want to. Any suggestions or websites to view would be apreciated. Thanks so much!!!!