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  1. tanglewood2222

    Tv in back ground… distraction ! not cool !

  2. mrsgetreal123

    Hi, I am confused about the waxing process!!! On the tin it says to paint wax distress and wax again. This does not work. Common sense says to distress before you wax and then wax. Any comments??



  3. I have such a hard time with the dark wax. I don’t like it so far. I’ve even tried mixing clear with the dark – then applying and I’m not crazy about that either. What I think has more hope is mixing some chalk paint with clear wax to make a tinted wax. Doesn’t seem anyone’s doing that though.
    What if one puts a good layer of clear on, let dry overnight – buff to shine. THEN the dark wax. I’m wondering if it would slide better and not absorb as much into the flat parts?

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