Who’s Afraid of the Big Dark Wax? (The KEY to Antiquing Chalk Paint!)

I was!  I was afraid to use the dark wax on my pristinely chalk painted furniture!  But, now that I’ve used it a few times and have seen what it can do to make a chalk paint project come to life – I love it!  One of my favorite steps in repurposing a piece of furniture.

So you too can appreciate the magic, I will share some before dark wax and after dark waxing photos…

Painted Cherub Angel Turned Antique Beauty!

Here he is after Old White paint:

Old White Cherub angel before dark waxing.
Cute little Old White painted Cherub before applying the dark wax.

And after applying the dark wax!  What a transformation!

Antiqued Cherub angel.
Wow! This little guy really came to life after dark waxing and buffing!

Antique Frame Brought to Life!

Here is the ornate frame corner before waxing:

Frame corner before dark waxing.
What the duck egg blue corner looks like before dark waxing.

And, in all its dark waxed glory!

Frame corner after dark waxing.
After dark waxing! This frame came to life!

Old Gold Picture Frame Repurposed

Here is the frame after 2 coats of Primer Red chalk paint and clear wax:

Red frame before dark wax.
Frame after 2 coats of Primer Red, clear wax, and before applying the dark wax.

And now, after applying the most dark wax I’ve ever used on a project!

Primer red paint after dark waxing.
The Primer Red paint after dark waxing and buffing, so much richer!

Wow! So much richer and just the shade of red I needed on this frame!

So you can see what it is like to apply dark wax to chalk paint, we made a video of dark waxing painted pumpkins for Fall!

Do you have a chalk paint success story or a victory using dark wax you want to share?  Do you have a chalk painting question or want tips on using dark wax?  Please add a comment below about your project or question and I’ll contact you!

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  1. I’ve just discovered the ASCP and am researching the steps needed to do a cabinet. Your photo of the frame with the duck egg blue looks as if there is a lighter paint showing through. I purchased some AS sample pots, Duck Egg being one of them, and mine does not resemble this frame. Mine is much more solid. How did you get to this point?- Thanks, Sharon

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