Decorating question: what colors go with black, white and gray?

I’ve recently decorated my room black and gray. I have cute shabby chic furniture, a medium-gray rug and pale gray carpet. The accesories like mirrors, cushions, lighting are black, but it all looks so lifeless. What color can I blend in to make it look more lively and fun? And how?
Woops… medium gray carpet and pale gray walls*

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  1. I have the same color scheme! I have white furniture and use black as an accessory color – picrure frames, lamp, etc. Now and then I’ll throw a pillow or add some fresh flowers of pale pink (spring) or lime green (summer) or orange (fall) and burgundy (winter). also my curtains are plain white drapes with black ball fringe which add to that cottage look. And do you have any patterns like bold black and white check or b/w toille? That would make it more lively and fun. Or black wooden letters or script with a favorite initial or saying like ” no place like your own space”. Love the sound of your room – seems restful and organized.

  2. You need to add a strong, bright color in small quantities.

    Bright pops of orange or kiwi/lime green would add life and a bit of warmth.

    Bright red or blue would add zing, but keep it cool.

    All would be fun.

  3. I think you can add just about any color you like, but I’d say pink, raspberry or coral would work well. Aqua would look nice too. Add small accents in pillows, lamps, throw rug, flowers,candles and art.

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