furniture painting & distressing

This video shows a dining table go through the process of being painted and then distressed. In this video a spary gun is used to give the furniture a nice, smooth finish and tips are given to help you use your very own spray gun at home. After the table is painted the edges are then sanded to give it a distressed, shabby chic finish. The furniture painting is done by Deana, the owner of Alchemy fine living located in Santa Ana, CA. Alchemy is a shabby chic style boutique.

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  1. I love this table. Hope i can do this. Also, love the Goo Goo Dolls in the background in the end. Favorite band. Thanks for sharing!

  2. great job but do please wear a mask, breathing in chemicals in the fine spray of paint can create serious health problems

  3. Great video!! It’s just what I was looking for. I love this technique and the result is an awesome table. I don´t have this wonderful spray gun to paint but I think I can do it without it, right?
    I’m going to paint all old my furniture right now!!
    Thank you
    thank you
    thank you
    From Spain.

  4. You should always wear a mask when you are painting or sanding. The atomized particals will be inhaled and damage your lungs. Best whishes.

  5. @scienceisgod1 It is in fact a Wagner, a Wagner paint crew to be exact. I actually no longer use that machine though. I now use a Wagner Control Spray, which uses far less paint and doesn’t make as big of a mess.

  6. Another option is to do your table using chalk paint. It is very forgiving and requires no sanding or stripping of your armoire before painting. It is also very easy to distress. If you distress too much for your liking, just apply some more chalk paint then distress again.

  7. @randmrivas I sanded it and then cleaned it withTSP. I use a 220 grit sand paper to prep the piece and a 320 grit between coats.

  8. Hey I loved the final look of the table, I want to distress all my furniture once I move in my new flat as i want a type of romantic look but I’m scared it will go wrong PLUS I don’t even know where or even HOW to look for the right furniture without braking my budget! I live in London though so you probably can’t help me but thanks so much for the vid, it’s really helped me to get a good idea of what I need and what to do!

  9. @MawiyahJ For surfaces like a dining table that will get heavy use and traffic use a semi gloss or gloss paint to create a surface that will easily wipe clean. You can use a varnish, but I usually don’t. What I do is put a coat of wax on the piece when it is finished and then every couple months or so apply a new coat. The wax I use is a bees wax made by Howards.

  10. So do u put a coat of varnish on top of that??? How does that work when eating at it and wiping it clean daily??? Pls reply! Thanks so much!!! The table looked great!

  11. @smitherica pine wood will show up, but it will be very subtle. when you sand to do the distressing it will expose the raw wood; you’ll sand right through all layers of paint. A better way to get a darker effect on the distress areas is to use a dark stain after you have sanded the area. The stain will soak into the raw wood and wipe right off of your painted areas. Wipe on the dark oil and then right off before it has a chance to stain your paint at all.

  12. wow thanks a million for the vid, it was very helpful and d end product was beautiful ! i have a quick question regarding a distressed looking vintage antique paint, i am painting pine furniture, and i was wondering would i have to paint a slightly dark colour around the area’s i will be sanding underneath the base coat to get a good antique look ? or will pine,light wood show up ok ?

  13. @MsVintage007 That should work. Depends on what type of wood is underneath the paint. If it is very light in color and you want a more dramatic effect you can try rubbing an oil with a dark stain in it over the areas you have sanded. The stain will stick to the raw wood you have exposed and should buff right off of the painted areas. Hope that helps!

  14. You did an amazing job….I have a question, I cant find a vintage/antique armoire that I like either online or in shops soooo I’ve resorted to purchase a brand new one from a depatment store and try my best to make it match my other furniture the color is antique white which I like, so if I just sand it down with the sand paper will that give me the same effect as the table in your awesome video? I am new to destressing funiture and dont want to mess up the piece.


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