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  1. I really like this technique. I have a piece that I am considering doing the same thing with, but in a country red color. Would this technique work well over darker colors?

  2. I enjoy watching your video’s, they’re helpful. I used this style of painting and did a cabinet that was passed down to me from my mother. Wow! It came out beautiful!
    Thank you…..

  3. Thanks so much for all the lessons….You are the best! Went and bought the Mackinaw Blue yesterday..Love it. PS….. We go to the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island every summer.

  4. Yes, indeed a good job. I’ve had opportunity to get my hands on a church pew, but I don’t have a spot big enough for one.  If they were shorter, I would definitely consider them as benches at a table. The last pews I saw being given away – they were curved and it’s hard to figure what can be done with those.

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