What is an alternative countertop to granite that is just as nice, yet not as expensive?

I like granite, but it’s too traditional for me. Also, I know that a lot of people don’t consider it an upgrade anymore because it has become so popular. I want to put equity into my home and I’m not sure that in 5 yrs when I want to sell it, that granite will be as profitable then as it is now. I did here that silestone was becoming a new alternative, but I was also thinking about stained concrete countertops or butcher block. My cabinets are white and a few have glass in the doors. This will be a DIY project so any tips would be appreciated. Also, what color do you think would work best with the cabinets (paint and countertops)?

I plan on doing a neutral back splash like this or something like this, preferably the long tiles that look like stone bricks: http://www.burkesfloorcovering.com/backsplash.JPG

The floor will be a dark handscraped hardwood like this: http://img.diytrade.com/cdimg/698642/6443148/0/1216715155/Color_Wood_Dark_Brown_-Hand_Scraped_Style.jpg

or brick pavers for flooring like this:

I have also thought about doing a butcher block countertop like this, and I think it will look great with the hardwood floor:

here is a pic of the kitchen we are remodeling, none of this is my personal style, this is from when the previous owners had it:

As you can see, it is small. We plan on putting in stainless steel appliances, and getting rid of the saloon doors. My personal style is more like Anthropologie or french country or shabby chic, i love vintage stuff.

I know this is a lot of information, but I would love any input!! Especially pictures

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  1. go with quartz. It is cheaper and doesnt need to be sealed like granite. And you can get in many different colors.
    I would do a lighter beigeish color for the counter. Wall color could go darker because your cabinets are white. For the floor, I like the stone you chose, but it takes alot of time to install that kind of floor compared to a wood floor. I would change the ceiling light fixture to something more modern.

  2. I would go with an icestone or lighter quartz. I think it would complement your light cabinets and dark floor very well. A tile countertop can also look very modern if you don’t go with the brick flooring. You can also customize the colors. As for accessories, I like circle mirrors in the kitchen:
    Good luck on your project!

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