How do you get rid of the musty old smell of antique furniture?

I have beautiful dresser that my Grandfather built (he was a carpenter) and its about 75 years old, but I hate to put clothes or linens in it because it makes them smell musty. Does anyone know how to get the smell out without staining or damaging the wood?
I see your full of bright ideas but not sounding like you should be answereing questions Greg…

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  1. The solution is simple, throw out the smelly furniture and the smell will go away. it is simple first grade.

  2. Hi,

    first check what is the source of the smell. Most probable, it’s simply old. For this one you need vinegar and fresh air. Find a suitable place and keep you dresser outside for… a couple of weeks. Don’t let rain get to it. The smell should go away.

    Lloyd Burrell

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