3 Replies to “How to find a date on antique furniture ?”

  1. Very few pieces of antique furniture have any marks on them at all. If you don’t see a tag or writing on the back or the bottom, you can pull each of the drawers out and look on the bottoms and backs of those.
    If you find no marks, or marks that don’t give a date take pictures of any marks and pictures of the dresser and take them to an antique dealer and ask their opinion of the date.

  2. You have to look at the manufacturing of the dresser, hinges, wood, any etching etc. On it, that is the only way other than getting an appraiser to check it out (that would be the best way to do it though)

  3. take it to your local antique shop they will be able to age it for you,,

    but if its to big for your car,, take a picture of and also take a close up pictures of its feet, handles and pull out a drawer and take a picture of the joints on the drawer, if its dovetail it usually means its hand made,, if its nailed its not

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