How to Make Your Own Chalk Paint Colors

There are many different colors of Annie Sloan paint available right out of the can, but, what if you need just the right shade, and its not in one of the cans?  This is what I faced when coming up with just the right color for the beautiful frame I was going to make for my little girl’s room.  So, what did I do, I decided to make my own!!  Annie Sloan gives several examples of creating new colors on her site and I decided I would mix Scandinavian Pink with Old White to make a delicate pink paint color called Hydrangea…

How To Mix a Custom Chalk Paint Color

  1. Get a nice clean container for your mixing, that you could cover up or transfer the paint out of to save the remainder.  I used an old glass candle jar.
  2. Get your paints ready, mix them up if they’ve been sitting for awhile.  Open ’em up.
  3. I use medical syringes to measure out just the right quantities of paint.  It is heartbreaking when you mix just the right color, and, cannot reproduce it!  Always note the amounts of each color you used so you can recreate that color again!
  4. Place the right amounts of paint into your container and stir, I use tongue depressers to mix my paints.
  5. Now enjoy and apply as you normally would.

 How I Mixed Old White and Scandinavian Pink to Make Hydrangea Pink Chalk Paint

I used  mL of Old White to 1/2 mL of Scandinavian Pink chalk paint.  The result was a lovely, delicate dried hydrangea color that matched my daughter’s room perfectly!  I had plenty to paint the items seen here (none left over).  Stay tuned!  I will go into more detail on the metal tray and the frame in future posts.  (Update: Here is how I refinished the frame for my little girls room!)

Items painted with pink chalk paint.
Items with their first coat or two of the new pink paint!

5 Replies to “How to Make Your Own Chalk Paint Colors”

  1. Very Nice! I love your blogs. They are very informative and useful. I love the step by step instructions. Please keep blogging, Annie Sloan’s chalk paint is so new to the states and I have had a hard time finding a consistant, helpful site such as yours. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you Liz! I certainly will! This chalk paint is what got me to start blogging! I love having a new project to transform with it. Next up – my bookcase (was a great buy at an Estate sale). I have been thinking and thinking about what colors to use…any suggestions?

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