How to Paint a Pumpkin – Decorating with White Pumpkins

I saw these stunning photos of different types of pumpkins arranged for fall decorating in the latest Pottery Barn catalog.  I fell in love…instantly.  One of the focal points were these beautiful mercury glass pumpkins…I have a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old…I try to minimize breakables around the house, especially on kid accessible surfaces!  So, I decided to try to make my own faux mercury glass pumpkins after finding this incredible post on Roeshel’s DIY Showoff Blog.  I had a great time spray painting them with my daughter, who got to fling the brown satin paint on them with an old paint brush, but, I could NOT get the look I wanted!  And, Roeshel’s look so great!  (I may attempt to make my own mercury glass again).

So, I called up my chalk paint teacher, Yoli and My Favorite Things in Crestline, CA and asked for some inspiration!  She suggested I chalk paint them, of course, which I did.  I LOVE them.  Here is how I decorated these pumpkins with paint:

Chalk Painting Pumpkins

Note: The pumpkins I used are polystyrene foam pumpkins that I got at Michaels.  With my 40% off Michaels coupon, they only cost me around $8.  First, I applied 2 coats of Old Ochre chalk paint to both pumpkins.

A great chalk painting idea for Fall, custom painted pumpkins.
A great painting idea for Fall, chalk painted pumpkins done in any color you need!

Next I applied one coat of Versailles chalk paint to the stems.

Pumpkins after chalk painting with Old Ochre and Versailles on the stems.
Pumpkins after 2 coats of Old Ochre chalk paint and one coat of Versailles on the stems.

Then it was time to apply the dark wax.

Using the dark wax on the pumpkin.
Applying the dark wax to the stem and body of the pumpkin.

Wiping off the excess dark wax.

Removing excess dark wax from the painted pumpkin.
Wiping off the excess dark wax to achieve just the level of antiquing we wanted.

We also recorded some videos of dark waxing so you can really see how that technique is done:

And now, in their final places of honor, in my Fall and Thanksgiving table centerpiece (after we buffed them, of course).

My beautiful Fall table decorations using my painted pumpkins.
The chalk painted pumpkins in all their glory in my Fall table decoration.

Do you have a fun fall decorating idea?  Made a beautiful decoration using pumpkins?  Please share it with us, leave a comment below, or contact us with your idea, we may feature it!

6 Replies to “How to Paint a Pumpkin – Decorating with White Pumpkins”

  1. They’re gorgeous! I love them much better than the mercury glass ones and looking for a change! 😉 I’m dying to try the chalk paint but still haven’t had the chance to research and online shop just yet.

    1. Thank you! Oh my gosh, I love chalk paint! It is the item that actually got me blogging. I had so many people ask me about my projects, how I did them, for photos, etc., I decided to setup a blog! This is so much fun. You will LOVE chalk paint. It makes refurbishing and transforming things so easy and so satisfying. It dries fast, distresses easily and antiques beautifully. If you ever have any questions, PLEASE let me know, I use this stuff several times per week…I would be honored to help.

  2. So I have been searching blogs for the right look for my pumpkins. I have not been able to find what I’m looking for. But you nailed it! So I guess the secret is chalk paint. I have NEVER heard of chalk paint! So if I’m wanting to make these what do I need? Can I buy pumpkins from the dollar store and paint over them or will that not work? It looked like you did two coats of white chalk paint. Then you mentioned a coat of something else before adding the dark wax. Then you take a rag and rub off the excess dark wax. Do you put anything on after as a sealant? Where do you. Us your chalk wax? And what brand do you suggest. Sorry for all the questions. I’m just kind of clueless. I craft ALOT so it’s an odd feeling for me to feel clueless :). Is chalk paint going to change my life? 🙂

    1. I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and her dark and clear waxes. Yes, they will change your life! I used foam pumpkins that I got at Michael’s I believe.

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