If my wood trim is dark, what color pergo flooring/furniture should I get?

I’m thinking about buying a house that has beautiful dark wood original trim around the windows and floor in the living room and dining room. Right now, both of those rooms are carpeted with a lightish tan color. I want to rip out the carpet in the dining room (these two rooms are next to each other) and install pergo laminate because I have dogs. I’ll keep the carpet that’s in the living room.

I was thinking I would go with all dark wood furniture, a dark leather couch that has a “distressed” look, and Indian Tigerwood Laminate Pergo Flooring.

Some visual examples to help:

Dining room furniture: http://s7d4.scene7.com/is/image/ASF/J_1192566_SA?$lg$

Floors: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=235114-35938-080510&lpage=none

And this isn’t the room, but this trim is EXACTLY the same as my house: http://pa-lvar.photos.mlsfinder.com/photos/3/2/7/1/1/1/327111-10.jpg

Would all of this look good together? I think what’s throwing me off is the dark wood trim. Everywhere I’ve looked the trim was white and seemed to be easier to decorate with.

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  1. Timber trim like this is as rare as rocking horse poop, keep it, I like your choice of furniture, but I reckon that the flooring you’re considering would give you concussion pretty quickly. I’d suggest something with not such a “busy” grain in your flooring.
    A fatal mistake many people make is trying to make everything a feature. Choose something light and not too grainy and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the result.

  2. Go with what you like. The home we recently moved to has all lighter wood trim which I like better than dark, but we do have a darker coffee table that looks nice in the living room with the natural color couch that is in there. You can always mix light & dark wood if you are unsure of all the dark wood (our coffee table is the “distressed” look and great for children to be around).

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