3 Replies to “Is shabby chic furniture still very popular?”

  1. I love shabby chic. I see it mostly around seaside homes and Cottage style, more relaxed and cozy. By Shabby Chic I am referring to vintage fabrics or florals, mixed seats with backs in different fabrics like a stripe with a floral in uphostery pieces. I love to mix in shabby chic furniture in country homes.

    I say go for it. Market the seaside retreats.

  2. Yes, it is very popular. Shabby Chic fits in with the entire Cottage Decorating look, which is very popular today. Painted furniture is very sought after, and anything that looks distressed. They even have new furniture that is made to look old. There are entire lines of furniture for sell under the Shabby Chic name, and under Rose Cottage furniture. Target sells Shabby Chic Products.

    I encourage you to try your hand at fixing up some furniture, and selling it. I would just make sure you get the furniture at a really great price, so you can resell it for a profit.

    I have done some of this in my own home. I took my old outdated coffee table and end tables and painted them a creamy white, then sanded the furniture in places to give the appearance of something time-worn.

    When looking for furniture pieces to paint, Try to look at the shape and lines of the piece. You will be amazed at how a piece of furniture takes on a whole new look when painted light, and all the curves and details show up so much more.

    I say go for it!!! There’s no time like the present! You’ll never know till you try.

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