My New Simply Shabby Chic Vanity

Hey you guys! This vanity from Target is an unbelievable buy for $99.99. All of the holes line up. Everything was in perfect condition. Only took me about 15 minutes to put together. It is antique white and there is nothing shabby about it. I am thrilled with the price that I paid. It looks like I paid much more for it. VANITY $99.99 Vanity Stool $37.99

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  1. Wow this is so cute! I was on the fence about buying it for a while, because I wasn’t really sure about the size and if it looked as good as the picture, but after seeing this I definitely want it! 🙂
    Where did you get the clear plastic dividers in the drawer and holding the nyx lipsticks?

  2. I got it yesterday! the only downside is that i got the dividers that everyone else has (check out my video response i posted to see what im talking about) and they dont fit! nothing seems to fit in the drawer! its such a downer! 🙁 but i still adore the vanity!!!(: love the video

  3. @KarleneAnnxoxo13 I was thinking the same thing…. also “it don’t look too bad at all”. DOESN’T look bad… omg.

  4. I LOVE those vase containers or whatever they are that are holding your brushes and primer potions! Nice job organizing. I am actually amazed you got all that stuff to fit, because I only see one draw. Is the desk surface part REALLY deep (Like far out from the wall)???It looks like the desk surface seems very deep.

  5. Does the vanity come with sections or did you fill it with those plastic trays?

    And can you say where you got the plastic trays please, if they didn’t come with the vanity?

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