Nougami Neuro FanArt

So i decided to test mixed media in a drawing of Nougami Neuro 8D This is my first video ^^’ so its not very good ‘~’ I hope you’ll enjoy it 😀 (I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTER, ALL RIGHTS GO TO CREATOR OF MAJIN TANTEI NOUGAMI NEURO) Song 1: Nightmare – Dirty (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Opening) Song 2: Deadman Wonder Band ft Nirgilis – Chocolate

7 Replies to “Nougami Neuro FanArt”

  1. @MiYeeRy urm i had to translate this ~ ^^’
    thankyou :> and the second song is in the description: ‘Deadman Wonder Band ft Nirgilis – Chocolate’

  2. Geeenial!! La verdad sin palabras! muy buen FanArt! =D Nougami neuro esta Genial XD Me gustaria saver cual es la Segunda musica pero bueno XD si puedes responderme mejor =D XD

  3. @KakashiUchiha1995 thankyou xD One of them is the opening for the anime the character is in >.< and the other i just like 🙂

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