25 Replies to “Our Home”

  1. Very pretty. I’m gonna guess that you don’t have pets, though. (All that white furniture in my house would be covered with pet hair. And the breakables? Yikes. They’d all be broken. :/)

  2. Oh my this is heaven. This is what my dream home looks like , thank you so much for asking to subscribe to my channel and thanks for sharing your home with us…..

  3. thumbs up for tchotchkes! LOTS of gewgaws, knickknacks, baubles, lagniappes, trinkets, kitsch, hootenannys!! goodness! nice colors though.

  4. Children did live here, now my youngest is 18 but still living here. My home is sometimes full of teenagers! They call our home “The Doll House”…funny thing is I don’t have any dolls! LOL

  5. Thank you for all the shabby chic decorating ideas. You obviously have a passion and love of this style. Very professional video!

  6. @cindy95131 I cant believe some people I really cant! MeltnButta obviously hasn’t the same taste as us vintage & shabby chic lovers but there’s absolutely no need to leave nasty comments about your home, something you are obviously quite passionate about! I loved looking through your pictures for inspiration and really appreciate you sharing them! You’ve given me lots of new ideas for my london flat! x x x

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