Painting a Tile Backsplash-HGTV

Jennifer shows how to use paint to bring an old tile backsplash to life. This video is part of Paint Over With Jennifer Bertrand show hosted by Jennifer Bertrand . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Design Star winner Jennifer Bertrand shares her design sense and secrets for transforming rooms with her signature paintbrush wizardry. Bold graphic wall treatments are Jennifer’s specialty and she’s already proven what a difference a wall can make. Now she’ll apply her practical and accessible ideas to indoor and outdoor living spaces, a kitchen and furniture to get viewers to think about design in a whole new way and inspire them to take risks they never would have imagined.

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  1. What you are needing is NOT a glossy primer, but rather a primer made to cover a glossy surface. Read the label on the primer, the one you want will mention “tile” as one of the surfaces it will cover.
    The primer I use for tile is Fresh Start Premium Primer by Benjamin Moore. I painted my white tile backsplash, in the kitchen. It is now a beautiful glossy black. Just the right accent to enhance the look of my stainless steal appliances, each of which already had black trim.

  2. Nifty idea. But painting over glazed tile will only result in peeling and rubbing off, unless proper scarcifying of tile is completed in preperation stages.

  3. so all i need is a glossy primer and paint to have a nice back-splash? anything else I need to add to the list?

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