Delicate Pink Chalk Painted Frame for Child’s Room

I wanted to make something “with my own two hands” for my little girls room, she is 3 and pink is her favorite color!  I had also never mixed my own chalk paint color before, and, I thought, this would be a good opportunity.  My mom had this great resin frame that looked ugly, just gathering dust.  So – I made it beautiful again!…  (With mom’s help, she hand made the fabric rose with crystals that I hot glued to the frame – thanks mom!)

The process was simple:

  1. First I dusted the frame off to start with a clean surface
  2. Then, I mixed my paint (I used Scandinavian Pink and Old White), you can see how I mixed my own chalk paint color in detail in this post
  3. Then I just painted the frame, I used 2 coats
  4. I experimented with dark wax in one little area (after I had applied the clear wax, of course), decided I didn’t like it on this piece and removed it with some clear wax
  5. I did light distressing with sandpaper, I loved the effect!
  6. My mom made the fabric rose (she is an expert!) and I hot glued it onto the frame

So, here is the frame before:

Frame before applying chalk paint.
The frame before painting.

And, after:

Chalk paint for kids room.
The chalk painted frame in my daughter’s room! Just the right shade of pink!

When I showed my little girl what Grandma and I had made for her room, she exclaimed, “Oh!  For me?  That was so sweet of you guys!”  (That, coming from a 3-year-old!!  It melted my heart!!!)

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