Rustic Fall Centerpiece – Great Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

I have this great rustic halltree in my entryway that really needed to be decorated for Fall.  I had just chalk painted some foam pumpkins and had some colorful Fall leaves…but something was missing.  I needed to add height and some other textures to my rustic Fall centerpiece.  So I did!  My mom gave me this idea (she was a florist for nearly 20 years).  This is how I made my rustic Fall candle centerpiece…

First – The Materials:

  1. Glass Vase
  2. Fall Pillar Candle
  3. Burlap (with a nice frayed edge)
  4. Raffia
  5. Twine or Colored Cord (You could also use dark brown twine)
  6. Dried Botanicals (Flowers, branches, curly willow, leaves…)
  7. Acorns (I collected these off my deck, then glued the little acorn tops back on)
  8. Tacky Craft Glue, for the acorn tops

This is a very simple to make Fall centerpiece idea.  Fist, wrap the candle in the burlap.

Burlap with frayed edge around candle.
The frayed edge of the burlap.

Then, tie the burlap with twine, cord or raffia, depending on the look you want.

Burlap candle with cord tied.
Candle wrapped in burlap and tied with dark brown cord.

Now it is acorn craft time.  Glue those tops back onto your acorns, then place them and some raffia into the bottom of your vase.

Gluing acorn tops back on for an acorn craft.
Acorn craft time! Gluing the tops back on the acorns to use in my centerpiece.

Now, add the candle to the vase, followed by some tall leaves and sprigs in the back of the candle.

Candle in vase with acorns and raffia.
The candle now in the vase with raffia and acorns.

Then place it amidst your fall pumpkins, gourds and colorful leaves!

Rustic Fall decoration with pumpkins and candles.
The rustic Fall candle centerpiece in its final place of honor, amongst the pumpkins.

You can also see the whole process in our video here:

And there you have it!  Do you have a fall centerpiece idea to share?  Did you try this one?  Please comment below or contact us, we may feature your project!

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