Self Taught Artist – Some of My Paintings

I am a self taught artist. My interest began as a child. I drew a picture of a lake, and took two swan jewelry pins and pinned them on the paper…voila…swans on a lake. The pins were my mother’s…I took them without her permission. This creation was a gift for my teacher…she gave the artwork back to my mother…busted!!! Mom was a bit unhappy…but, did like the creative “other use” for swan pins…She bought me more art supplies and locked up her jewelry box! I did well in art classes in school, but did not like to follow the lessons…I perferred to “do my own thing”…The teacher would praise my art…but, mark me down for not following orders! My art evolved more through my teen years…I was always in some kind of ‘trouble”…getting grounded…art was a way to pass the time while in “lock down”… I started to paint on anything and everything…which lead to painting furniture…and then mostly old chairs. I also learned quite a bit of furniture repair. I always found pleasure in bringing objects back from ruin…giving them new life. Thrift store, curb finds, things friends would give me…knowing my “talents”… All my canvas, boards, frames, etc are thrift store framed art…that I do paint overs. I also used found objects…and – ta dah…jewelry, etc. I do have a couple of large paintings…but most are smaller…I paint with the canvas laying on a flat surface…usually pour the paint on and move it around. I never have a destination…I let the painting

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  1. Thanks! I just went and checked out your channel…and art…and YOU are amazing…I posted your vids on my facebook to share with my “funky” friends who will appreciate your work…I also sent you a friend request & subbed to your channel…Will we be seeing more work soon??? 🙂

  2. Thanks, what a sweet thing to say!! I’ve been painting since I was about 14 years old…started on canvas…then went to furniture, mostly chairs…then back to canvas. I can paint “stuff” at will…but, my true art has very deep emotions there, and are “born” when I’m feeling a bit off balance! 🙂

  3. Oh yeah…I know haha. But without the misery, we wouldn’t be able to create…so after all we have to convince ourselves to embrace those miserable moments.

  4. @ShinerNL
    Thank you. Lola was my best girl!!! The photo of the painting does not give the true look of “Lola’s Heaven”- the textures are very extreme. I could never go to a canvas & even start what “just happened”…the process lead me in that direction…Lola appeared…My life has been a series of events that should have me in a rubber room by now…I prefer to create than destroy. I bet you know what I mean by all this. Creative people can “flip” at any time! LOL

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