Suggestions for decorating unisex room?

Hi. Me and my husband just bought a vacation home in SW Florida (Ft. Meyers area). Anyway, we also have 2 kids – 7 year old girl and 3 year old boy. The house is only 2 bedrooms, so the kids will be sharing a room when we go.

Need help with some decorating ideas. Do you like the idea of blue/white flowery comforter set for daughter and blue/white stripes for son? Or maybe just bright colors – like bright pink and green? Not sure what direction to go. Any help?

BTW, the furniture is like a white distressed wood. Thank you!!

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  1. 1] find ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ comforters in same colors, different designs, as you said.
    2] paint the walls the light blue [ sky ]
    3] get a washable rug, in a deeper shade of blue.
    4] plain white blinds or curtains
    5] themes to consider:
    beach [ obviously ] with driftwwod lamp, adirondack chair miniatures, etc. ]
    sea creatures – ‘her’ side could have mermaid pix; ‘his’ side could have Nemo
    6] don’t forget some storage for toys, etc.

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