What do you think of in a play room doing one wall with chalk board paint, and… cont.?

chalk board paint on one entire wall, and cork board about a foot wide band around the top to hang “art and crafts”. I am trying to convince a handfull of people that this is a great Idea for the kid(s)(3 year old and the rest to come lol).. its cheap and it will last a long time.
id rather contain the mess to just that wall than the whole entire house. *bigger older house lots of wood work* and I am very creative and just want to help my child(ern) be that way. thanks everyone!
the table is a great Idea as well….

I tend to have a ton of kids over at my home all the time, family, and friends and what have you. so thank you thank you!!!!

Home made Chalk board paint?

I want to make my own chalkboard paint but confused. I know you need paint and unsanded tile grout. When I went to the hardware store they had unsanded tile grout in different colors. Does the color of grout depend on the color of paint. What color of grout do i use. Do different color grout go with different colors to blend in more easliy.

Chalk board paint? Instructions on how to make it yourself??

I am going to be painting my room soon, and I wanted to add chalkboard paint!!
I don’t want to buy it from a paint store, I want to make it myself!
Any ideas on how to make it??
Or any websites that have the instructions??
Oh and does that magnetic primer work too??

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