Designing my new bedroom. Need help with what colours to use and how to cover up ugly carpet? Please help!?

So I’m moving into the room next to me. (Big change) and I need some help with some of the changes I am adding.
1) I’m putting fur (fabric) on my wall. One side if fur, the other side is fabric not all fur. How do I put it up without wrecking the paint. I can’t use a staple gun, glue, etc…. I’ve heard of liquid starch….
2) I have a burgandy, light maroon coloured carpet, and well it doesn’t go with anything. I can’t pull up the carpet because the whole house has it. It will clash with the purple coloured fur I have, but I’m deffinately having the fur. Any ideas… a rug or something? If a rug, what colour. Any other ideas would be good too.
3) Im putting up closet curtains. What colour should I get…. I was thinking sheers or string curtains, maybe a combination.
Any themes or colours would be so greatly appreciated. My new room is currently whitey cream and a light maroon colour. I like really ‘shabby chic’ stuff like chandeleirs, door curtains and really bohemic style stuff. So any colour combinations or ideas would be amazing!

*Bedroom carpet is a mauve pink – help me choose a color to paint the walls and decide my curtains!*?

First off, the carpet cannot be changed. Secondly, right now the walls are stark white and I’m not feeling it. Third, when I say mauve pink let me remind you it is not baby girl pink, nor is it barbie hot pink. Fourth, my room is real small. (I’d give measurements but I’m not there right now. But trust me, it’s small.) It is also square-not rectangular or odd shaped. The ceiling is flat.
I also have three sets of curtains I can choose from. (The room only has one window.) I can put up solid mauve pink with cream white lace accent w/ matching valance; a sheer white lace curtain with floral design; or a sheer material with an all over rose design that looks like watercolors in various shades of pink.
As you can tell, I’m a feminine decorator. I am 19 years old. I like vintage things. I love roses! I love the whole vintage shabby chic look, french boudoir, victorian, or chic beach cottage look.
Feel free to add other suggestions!!!!! I love decorating!

I’m decorating a room in shabby chic and need help. The carpet is a medium blue color with some white?

specks in it, the walls are white, and I have two peice of furniture that are also white (bed and mini bookcase). This room is for my toddler. I want it to look old/antique-ish but with some glamour.. any ideas? Also, it’s a small room so I need some ideas for furniture placement and storage that’s stylish and cheap! Would love a decorator for some great ideas! Also, I would love to incorporate some gold in the room if possible, for glam! It’s for my toddler she’s 3.

Cleaning with Vinegar – (Yes, The Smell Does Go Away!)

cleaning with white vinegar.

OK, so maybe some of you have heard of this already…the wonders of cleaning with “all natural” white vinegar…but, until a week ago – this was news to me!

(If you have other vinegar cleaning ideas you use that I don’t mention here, please add them with a comment at the bottom.)  I never let my 3 year old daughter help clean with any of the cleaning liquids, but, I thought, “this one she could help me with!” Continue reading “Cleaning with Vinegar – (Yes, The Smell Does Go Away!)”