What color sheet set should I get?

My room is painted turquoise, a bold green-blue colour. I have medium-light natural wood furniture that I will paint either chocolate brown or white. (which is best?)

overall, the decor is rather eclectic, though leaning towards shabby chic/cottage. I have a very large french country blue and white vase filled with large peach roses and small white and baby pink cherry blossoms, its kinda the center piece, surronded by a more colourful pots from latin america.

My bookshelf is organized into decorative boxes that are chocolate brown with white floral pattern. I also plan on getting more victorian/baroque style picture frames in white and/or chocolate brown.

Im in dire need of updating my bedding. I currently have a white quilt with black outline of dainty victorian flowery pattern and dark gray stripes. I would like sheets and pillows to complement this quilt, or I may get a more shabbychic floral duvet instead.

I already have chocolate brown sheets that I think look amazing, but I want to switch to satin sheets for the summer. Im also thinkng I could get more pillows in complementary colours/patterns?

so what would look best: light pink sheets, platinum/silver sheets or dark chocolate sheets? What kind of pillows would compliment the best?

Heres a link to a swatch of colours and patterns found in my room (on the left) and the sheets and other elements i want to add (on the right).

*Bedroom carpet is a mauve pink – help me choose a color to paint the walls and decide my curtains!*?

First off, the carpet cannot be changed. Secondly, right now the walls are stark white and I’m not feeling it. Third, when I say mauve pink let me remind you it is not baby girl pink, nor is it barbie hot pink. Fourth, my room is real small. (I’d give measurements but I’m not there right now. But trust me, it’s small.) It is also square-not rectangular or odd shaped. The ceiling is flat.
I also have three sets of curtains I can choose from. (The room only has one window.) I can put up solid mauve pink with cream white lace accent w/ matching valance; a sheer white lace curtain with floral design; or a sheer material with an all over rose design that looks like watercolors in various shades of pink.
As you can tell, I’m a feminine decorator. I am 19 years old. I like vintage things. I love roses! I love the whole vintage shabby chic look, french boudoir, victorian, or chic beach cottage look.
Feel free to add other suggestions!!!!! I love decorating!

What color to paint my Music Room?

I have a room in my house that is used as a home office and music room. I am wanting to redecorate and am thinking about the shabby chic style. I can’t decide what color to paint the walls. I am leaning towards sage green, pale pink or pale aqua. I am wanting to buy a white desk and accessories. I want to promote an atmosphere of calm and confidence. Additionally, I hope to resell my house within the next year. So, any suggestions?

Any suggestions for a Bedroom Paint Color ?

Here are some Basic facts about what I’m working with,
This is in a Home that was Build in 1923, the rest of the home is a mix of shabby chic, country french, “Tuscan” some oriental / Nature based colors and theme – Eclectic but really works.

The Bedroom
>Fairly Large Master bedroom 14 x 24.
>Furniture is Dark Chocolate Brown –
Round Side tables
Lamps that are Lucite ( clear) with White Shades
Large Lotus Mirror on the wall above the headboard.
Warm Beige lounge chair (s)
King size platform bed centered between two windows with Crisp white linens.

The walls are currently a warm mellow yellow and a mossy green because we knocked down the wall between two bedrooms to make the Master Larger. So I have been living with both colors.
Now we are ready to paint the room ONE color.

Considering the Mossy /Herbal green
Kinda like the idea of Blues – but we live in Michigan and are worried it will get “cold” feeling during our long winters.

Really need your ideas

Kinda Lik
Love Natural colors and themes
Shells, twigs, artifacts, have a collection of things I find in nature…

Bathroom wall color french/shabby chic PLEASE HELP!?

We have a small bathroom with marble tile in the shower and floor, antique bronze faucets and shower head, white paneling on the lower half of the wall and distressed white sink and mirror. We are struggling badly with a wall color for the top half of the wall.

A home designer told us silver mist by Benjamin Moore would be perfect, but my wife did not want to do blue. We are going crazy trying to find another color that works (e.g. grey, gold) but nothing else seems to make the room pop.

My wife is trying for a french/shabby chic look and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!!!

I’m decorating a room in shabby chic and need help. The carpet is a medium blue color with some white?

specks in it, the walls are white, and I have two peice of furniture that are also white (bed and mini bookcase). This room is for my toddler. I want it to look old/antique-ish but with some glamour.. any ideas? Also, it’s a small room so I need some ideas for furniture placement and storage that’s stylish and cheap! Would love a decorator for some great ideas! Also, I would love to incorporate some gold in the room if possible, for glam! It’s for my toddler she’s 3.