shabby chic, country, vintage decor?

What are some good sites with photos of interiors decorated in vintage, shabby chic, junk market style, or country? I love the ideas magazine sites like Country Living etc have, but these get boring quickly as they don’t update the galleries often.

where can i get shabby chic furniture and decor cheap?

because everywhere i go its so expensive but its my favorite style of decor
i was looking for someone to give me a website or something or a store where they actually sell this stuff cheaper. i already know to go to thrift shops, flea markets, antique shops, etc. thanks though

What are the best sources for pricing and/or selling antique furniture and other home decor peices?

My grandmother has a number of large furniture pieces and home decor items which we would like to sell. Most of the furniture pieces are large wooden items that were handmade. Other than hauling these things to the Antique Roadshow tv program or trolling, where can we look to price and/or directly sell these items? We would even be willing to have someone come in to look at all the pieces.

Decor ideas??

I am moving into rented accomodation and even though the Landlady has said that she has no problem with me decorating, the carpets are really quite dated.They are clean and of a very good quality but they are very old.They are a very green,cream and pink shabby chic pattern and I was wondering what colour/s I should use and how to compliment it,if I can??

Decor ideas for high ceiling in rented home?

My fiance and I are renting a home with high, vaulted ceilings. It’s not a charming old home–more like a shabby circa-70s Caifornia ranch with white walls and dated fixtures.

I’m from the Northeast, and I’m spoiled by historic homes that look chic no matter how you decorate thanks to the character of old-fashioned molding. But I’m a little lost as to how to make this one look quaint and artsy on a budget without painting or making major changes.

How can I make modern or contemporary decor look warm and inviting like Shabby Chic or romantic decor?

I’m moving in with my boyfriend and he has given me $10,000 to completely decorate our new apartment. (Yea!) The problem is he loves contemporary and modern pieces like this dining room table, and I like everything but. My favorite style is shabby chic. I like most things vintage, romantic, and fresh or airy feeling. Here are some pictures of the type of decorating I like:

How would I mix these two styles or if that’s impossible, what style might accommodate both of us? I am pretty flexible, I just don’t want to feel like I’m living in a spaceship.

Shabby Chic Table And Other Room Decor?

I need a table for my room and I am going for kind of a shabby chic feel. Please give me links to different tables that would fit this. I would preferably want a silver table but anything will help. Also if you could give me a few websites for shabby chic room decor that would be a huge help. I really appreciate it!