Cottage Style Shabby Chic Decorating

Every wish you were ALWAYS at the beach? Well now with shabby chic cottage style decorating you CAN be! Watch the video… visit the website, at and got the lowdown on how YOU can make it work for YOU!

I’m decorating a room in shabby chic and need help. The carpet is a medium blue color with some white?

specks in it, the walls are white, and I have two peice of furniture that are also white (bed and mini bookcase). This room is for my toddler. I want it to look old/antique-ish but with some glamour.. any ideas? Also, it’s a small room so I need some ideas for furniture placement and storage that’s stylish and cheap! Would love a decorator for some great ideas! Also, I would love to incorporate some gold in the room if possible, for glam! It’s for my toddler she’s 3.

decorating ma bedroom – please help Xx?

hiya! – i’m redoin mi room at tha mo, and im kinda stuck :0 . i picked a kinda shabby-chic look, so i’ve dun the walls baby pink, and a feture wall thats chocolate brown patern wallpaper. problem is… i woz gonna pain all my wooden furniture white (desk, wardrobe and wallbeams… – its an old house :p ) – coz i can’t aford new stuff, but i’ve just found out i can’t co its all waxed, so it won’t take it. my wardrobe is VERY light in colour – like yellow-cream >) – and the rest is kinda honey colour. does anyone hav any sugestions on how i can create the look, but still keep the wood? – carped, curtains, cushions, beadspread, accsesories etc. – anyone know any good (CHEAP) websites? – your help will be much apreciated 🙂
oh god – 13 spellin mistakes.. better stop now 🙁
damn, now it’s gone up to 14 😛

Decorating idea for playroom…help?

I am thinking about doing a beach theme for a playroom. It is for two small children. I would do a loft bed and make it the surf shack, with thatch roofing and distressed painting. Storage underneath in bins. Any cute ideas for wall coverings, window coverings, decor, etc. I do not want to go to overboard on the theme…I think I may get tired of it soon. I do have one tall bookcase that is shabby chic. Not sure how that will fit into the theme, but I must keep it (one drawer and 4 shelves). I would love some help and any ideas on how to make this cute, yet able to change later on if I want to. Any suggestions or websites to view would be apreciated. Thanks so much!!!!

Any decorating ideas for paris, poodle themed room?

I am redoing my daughters room to be a “big girl” room. I have the Gigi bedding from Bombay Kids. I also have the simply shabby chic furniture from Target. I am looking for ideas on what to use to accessorize. Also, ideas for things to put in the glass show case of her armoire. Help!!

Need Help in decorating a manequin for 14 yrs old female room?

I purchased a durable black plastic manequin for a friends’ daughter for Christmas but I need help in how to decorate it for her. She finally has her own bedroom with a daybed & dresser…My daughter gave her small desktop manequins w/stands in various colors like purple, with white boas, fancy porcelain shoes, black/pink wall pictures of bodies and w/fancy victorian outfits, etc. I suggested- do it like “shabby chic” but I’m lost for ideas to decorate this particular gift. It is not on a stand, it has the neckline and the torso down to half-thigh and it has a hanger hook on the back of the neck (hanging from the wall using a fancy hook) – I had to settle for this one because the cloth manequin was way out of my budget. Any ideas will be appreciated or should I give it to her just plain and allow her to decorate it her way. Thank you.
AMO 45 your idea is fantastic! I have a bunch of colorful Mari Gras beads would that work or stick to your idea? she is such a girly-girl ..I ‘m feeling she’s gonna like this, I hope!

Decorating question: what colors go with black, white and gray?

I’ve recently decorated my room black and gray. I have cute shabby chic furniture, a medium-gray rug and pale gray carpet. The accesories like mirrors, cushions, lighting are black, but it all looks so lifeless. What color can I blend in to make it look more lively and fun? And how?
Woops… medium gray carpet and pale gray walls*

Decorating with thirft store art

Go Green With Jeanne In this segment Jeanne will show you how to decorate with thrift store art. Please mark us as a favorite or visit us at for my tips on decorating with vintage finds and furniture redesigns.

teen decorating QUIZ!!!?

1.can you erase chalk on chalkboard paint? hot pink , black and white go well together?
3.are damask designs girly and fancy? it bad if you have white furniture and a hot pink couch?

tell me your answers and ill score them and the best answer goes to the one with the best sense of DECORATING!! an interior designer