Need to know least expensive, most efficient and tips to do shabby chic painting of furniture.?

I have pieces from 2 different bedroom sets.The pieces I want to use from one, are the king headboard and 1 men’s dresser. (Doors open to 3 square, open shelves along the top. Below them is 3 drawers each about 4 inches deep.Below that section–doors closed–is 2 more drawers) They’re wood–and finished with something clear–but, I don’t know what.
I have 2 bedside tables from another set. I need the most help with these. They have a few coats of a cream color paint(I believe it is the original factory paint) on them already, They are 24″-24″, the drawers are on great rollers etc.–very well made. There’s stickers on them and I don’t care to wonder what else is on them. I know they need to be sanded down but, how much? To the wood? To get off the crap–stickers and such? Any other way to remove thick paint without sanding? Ways I can use the color that is there without taking it all off?
I have no problem making each set a different colors/finishes etc.
For instance shabby chic in white (or a subtle color)–I need what is easiest for the wood finish pieces.
The bedside tables I was thinking of crackle finish or just painting them once they are smooth enough (could take a long time to sand thick paint on them), metallic overcoat on a color, Freehand a design or just plain multicolor like an abstract.or Shabby chic also IDEAS??? HELP ME!! color suggestions for shabby chic–no white please—pale pale pale blue,pink, creamy colors–lilac, lavender, orchid, pale green or isn’t there a depression green? Anyway, any ideas are welcome. Please if this is a joke to you–at least make sure the jokes are funny..Thanking you all in advance. I can’t wait for your ideas thanks again all!! Ciao