where can you find reasonably priced distressed/antique furniture in Vancouver Canada?

It doesnt matter if it is real antique or not just something that looks distressed and old. it seems like everywhere I have looked an armoire is 2000$. I am trying to think of good places like second hand stores, but they dont really have that much furniture. please help if you have any sort of idea. Thanks!!
Or anything country looking furniture that is decently priced.

Where can I find antique looking ribbon?

I’m looking for some ribbon to hang picture frames with in my daughters room. The furniture is antique white and the picture frams are antique white on distressed wood. I need to find ribbon that will match the off white color but also pull in another color from her room, like lavendar or soft pale pink, or even a soft green. I’ve checked a couple of craft stores but no luck. Anyone know of an online store, or a local store that would carry such ribbon? I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah.
I bought the pic frames from Rod Works, so I’ve looked there. I’ve also tried HobbyLobby and JoAnne’s but not Michaels or Roberts Crafts… :o)
How do you coffee or tea stain the ribbon? I’ve never heard of that, but I agree that would give an aged look. I am looking for either a gingham or polka dot pattern.

Where is a place that you can find old looking or distressed wood or wood furniture?

i need a place where i can find old looking wood for a an interior decorating job. it doesnt need to be a name of a store or anything, just places in general where i can find them because im all out of ideas!!

does anyone know where I can find this font please? (pic included)?

Im looking for a shabby chic style font to download but after hours searching the net i lost patience. does anyone know where i can find a font like the one in the attached picture? it doesn’t need to be exactly the same, just needs to be neat writing with dots. Thank you! (copy and paste web address into web bar.) http://www.misi.co.uk/gifts/17921/and