Where online can I look up the values of antique furniture?

I got a sofa and a matching chair from my granddad when he died. I don’t know how old they are or what they’re worth, but they’re rather functionally uncomfortable so I’d like to sell them as antiques. Could anyone refer me to a good site — especially an online community — where I could post pictures and figure out what their value is?

How to get “beach cottage” look with black bedroom furniture?

My husband and I are looking to buy new bedroom furniture and I really want black with a 4 poster bed (not laminate black, but maybe distressed?) and really want to make the room look “beachy.” I was even thinking of an iron bed and then black dressers, night tables, etc. Is this even possible? We are painting the room a very pale blue and adding white beadboard around the lower walls. I was thinking of a white matelasse comforter, but just don’t know if the black furniture will work? I’m afraid that white furniture will limit us too much in the future though. Any ideas would be great!

How to paint a crib black w/ “distressed” look?

I have a light oak baby crib that I need to paint black, also I want to distress the piece. I also would like to do the same for some other random pieces of furniture (dresser, chair, etc.) can they all be done the same way? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your time! My baby is due the end of the year so I need to do this as quickly and cost efficiently as possible 🙂

(my husband will be doing to actual work, I just need a step-by-step or a good website to use)

Would a black lamp look bad with brown furniture?

I have brown micro-suede couches and recliner, a brown/red/cream/yellow area rug and a distressed bronze mirror in my living room with red curtains. I found a really cute (and cheap) floor lamp but it only comes in black. Would lamps with a black base look bad in a room with so much brown? I was thinking of changing the shades on them to a red or cream color instead of white and getting yellow throw pillows to match the rug also…any opinions? I also don’t have a coffee table or end tables yet so I’m trying to decide if black lamps would clash once I get my tables (I plan on brown wood for the tables).

How do i make my kitchen cabinets look distressed?

I moved into this old house with the kitchen cabinets being pink…yep pink latex paint…with white paint underneath. I am looking to make it look french style and want to get the cabinets looking old style too. all the ideas i see online are for cabinets that have not been painted…if i try to sand a paint layer down…pink will show through. so what are some ideas? old style or new. They are all in decent shape (the cabinets) and i cannot afford to change them out