where can i get a vanity table like this?


i love vanitie’s with three mirrors. where can i get a cheap one like this? i’m not allowed to order online, so that’s out..

they don’t have vanities like this at ikea, walmart, ashley’s, pottery barn…

hopefully it’s a hundred or less.

I want to paint my dining room table, what do I need to do?

I love the shabby chic style, and am going for a white dining room table. It’s like any other table, it’s natural not pressed wood, and has a glossy finish. Can I use some of that new spray paint that “sticks” to everything, I’ve used it on rocking chairs and it’s great. I don’t won’t to sand the entire table, it will take forever. Any suggestions?

Simply Shabby Chic Vanity Table?

Did you like it? Should I get it? How big is it?


How to Shabby Chic a side table

Watch how you can turn an ordinary side table into a delightful French Shabby Chic piece of furniture. I’m Sharon and I am from Australia, and have just begun restoring old pieces of furniture, giving them a new lease of life.

Shabby Chic Table And Other Room Decor?

I need a table for my room and I am going for kind of a shabby chic feel. Please give me links to different tables that would fit this. I would preferably want a silver table but anything will help. Also if you could give me a few websites for shabby chic room decor that would be a huge help. I really appreciate it!