Shabby Chic Fabric Dress Form Table Lamp

  • Unique Fabric Dress Form Table Lamp
  • Fabric Covered & Stuffed Dress Form Replica Mounted on Rod
  • 15″ bottom fabric shade
  • 34″ high from bottom of base to top of shade
  • 3 way socket — 150 watt max.

Product Description
Way, way back, when clothes were made by hand, a lot of homes owned a dress form. This fabric stuffed, scaled down replica is mounted on a rod and is a unique lamp for a seamstress.

Shabby Chic Fabric Dress Form Table Lamp

History of the Creation of Pottery Barn’s Benchwright Dining Table | Pottery Barn

Create a wonderful dining atmosphere with Pottery Barn’s rustic Benchwright Dining Table. In this video, Stefano Del Vecchio shares the history and techniques used to create this remarkable table for Pottery Barn. Drawing inspiration from his grandfather’s old worktable, Stefano set out to construct the Benchwright Dining Table for Pottery Barn. The design and aesthetic of the original table is kept intact using identical materials including wooden boards with a rustic look and old-style hardware pieces. The Pottery Barn Benchwright Dining Table is made with special kiln-dried birch wood. A peculiar texture and an antique look is achieved by distressing the wooden boards and implementing an elaborate finishing process helps reproduce the same feel of the original 100-year old table. At first glance, the Benchwright Dining Table stands out as a sturdy work of art. Its clean lines and old design makes it elegant and distinct. Stefano add to the practicality of this masterpiece by inventing an extension system to elongate the table. The end of the table slides out to fit in a wooden piece of a similar form when necessary. To explore further visit our website Buy the Benchwright Dining Table at: Shop for Dining Room Tables, Table Sets & Casual Dining Tables at: Check out Dining Room Sets & Dining Room Furniture Sets at:

where can i get a vanity table like this?

i love vanitie’s with three mirrors. where can i get a cheap one like this? i’m not allowed to order online, so that’s out..

they don’t have vanities like this at ikea, walmart, ashley’s, pottery barn…

hopefully it’s a hundred or less.