Using chalk paint on fabric (yes this can be done!)

We needed a kneeling cushion for our Catechesis of the good Shepherd room at our parish. We had one with a lovely fall scenery print on it that we needed to be in a liturgical color, and one solid color.

I had heard that you can use chalk paint on fabric but I have never tried it, this is the perfect opportunity!

The cushion I will paint with chalk paint

I used primer red chalk paint and diluted it slightly on the brush with water before applying it to the fabric. This is not exactly the shade of red that is used for martyr’s feast days, Good Friday, etc.

Applying to paint to fabric

This is what the cushion looked like after one coat of chalk paint.

Primer red chalk paint on fabric

I could still see the fall scene underneath the paint so it was time for a second coat.

Primer red chalk paint on fabric

After the second coat dries we will apply a third and hopefully final coat. After the third coat dries I will lightly wax it and buff it. It will have a slightly leathery feel when it is done.

Update: It has now been nearly eight months since we redid this cushion. It is used often by young children for kneeling in a catechesis class. It has held up wonderfully and is in excellent condition. I will definitely be redoing more fabric and upholstery with chalk paint.

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