Weathered Old Frame Refurbished with Chalk Paint

This poor old wooden picture frame was just languishing in a pile of dusty, dirty, spider webbed old frames at an estate sale.  It called to me from near the bottom…”Michelle, Michelle, pick me up!”  I did, thought it might have potential, and, it did!!!  I refurbished the frame, complete with distressing and antiquing, I show photos of the process and outline the steps below…


First, I cleaned it, of course, removed the old nails sticking out of the back, etc.  Then, I brushed on a decently thick coat of Versailles Chalk Paint (which is a light yellow green color and looks great with dark wax!!)  A coat of Duck Egg Blue then went on, followed by a layer of clear wax.  Until the frame looked like this:

The frame after the paint, but before waxing.
'The frame with tons of potential after a coat of blue paint over the light green paint.

I am a BIG fan of dark wax!  As my Aunt Lori says, “It makes the piece come alive!”  But, as much as I couldn’t wait to get to that step, I got to lightly distress it first.  That was also pretty enjoyable as it took very little elbow grease for me to sand away some of the blue to bring the yellow/green color below to the forefront.  I always distress edges and corners, places a piece would normally get wear and tear.  Then, I put on another coat of clear wax (otherwise, the dark wax really grabs onto the paint/wood surface).

Corner detail of picture frame before detailing.
What the ornate corner of the frame looks like after paint.

Note: I like to sand after putting on a coat of clear wax.  That way, the dust kind of gathers together and can be easily wiped off with a soft rag.

Finally, it was time to bring this beautiful frame to life with dark wax!  I got it in all the little grooves, corners, crevices, etc.  It was almost a completed masterpiece!  Finally, I buffed it by hand with t-shirt rags and wow!!  It popped!  Pretty amazing for a frame I picked up for a buck at a yard sale!  Here is a close up of the corner after dark waxing:

Dark wax in ornate detailing.
Close up of dark wax antiquing in the ornated detailed corner of the picture frame.

It now happily lives on my new desk…

Duck Egg Picture Frame Hand Painted and Antiqued
My gorgeous ornate duck egg blue frame with my angel and hydrangea plant.



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