What is a good name for a shabby chic furniture store?

What is a good name for a shabby chic furniture store?
I take antique and vintage items i find and transform them into shabby chic pieces. I will also have a corner of the store with just antiques and collectibles. Mostly the store will be the shabby chic furniture and decor.

I need help with names. Here’s what I have so far

1. Shabby Chic
2. Lace
3. Frill
4. Serendipity

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  1. Once Again = )

  2. Keith Old

    G’day Sherine,

    Thank you for your question.

    How about Steptoe’s? The name comes from Steptoe and Son a classic television show from the the 1960’s and early 70s.



  3. Old SPice


  4. Mariahr18

    Bohemian or vintage

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