What Is Chalk Paint?

I realized I’ve been posting about all the great projects I’m doing with chalk paint, without first introducing the stuff!  What is chalk paint?  So, I wanted to explain what it is, some of the things you can do with it (I’m still learning myself), and why I call it “Miracle Paint”…


What Is Chalk Paint?

As you see the projects on this blog you will come to know why I call this paint a “Miracle in a Can!”  By the way, I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  It is a great coverage paint that you can use on almost anything.  This chalk paint is from England and has recently made its way to the USA.  A little goes a LONG way.  (Note: This is NOT chalkboard paint, that is a completely different paint).  Did I mention it has essentially no odor?  Amazing.


Do You Have To Sand or Strip with Chalk Paint?

There is very little furniture preparation needed to start painting with chalk paint.  I don’t have to sand, strip or do anything to the pieces before I paint them!!  On the antique desk I refinished, I simply wiped off the surface dirt and got to painting!!  Look at these before and after photos.  That was just done with chalk paint techniques (no sanding, no chemical stripping of any sort). That is why I love it and call it “Miracle Paint” or “Ladies Paint.”

What Can You Use Chalk Paint On?

I have used it on wood, metal and plastic.  I have read it can be used on terracotta, ceramics, glass, shiny metal, floors, cabinets, drawer hardware, etc.  I have just finished a silver plated metal tray, a fake wood/plastic frame, and a rough metal candlestick, which I will be posting about shortly with the how-tos.


Where Do You Buy Chalk Paint?

I get mine from my chalk paint stockist at My Favorite Things (ask for Yoli, she is wonderful and really loves chalk painting, almost as much as I do!)  =)  In fact, she is the one I took some classes from to better learn technique and how to work with this paint (it is really easy once you try it).  Having her show me, in person, how to antique and distress the chalk paint, as well as working with the dark wax (scary for me at first) really helped me move forward with my projects quickly.


How Much Does Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Cost?

In the US, the paint is sold in 1 Quart pots (cans), 32 fluid ounces, and usually runs $38.95 per unit.  (It actually comes from England and is sold there in 1 Liter pots).  I’ve heard some say “Wow, that is expensive paint!”  I actually thought the same, until I used it.  A teeny tiny bit goes a really long way!  For example, I painted this bentire desk with less than one can of Old White chalk paint, and used 2 coats!  ( I also used a smidge of Versailles in the detailing, and Duck Egg Blue on all the drawer interiors).

Chalk painted desk in old white with versailles detailing.
Upcycled antique desk painted with less than one can of Old White chalk paint!

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