Where can I find a database of hard to find antique furniture?

I need information on a chair. It is a barrel type chair with a swivel bottom but the swivel part isn’t really visible. It had nail head details and a brass woman holding a giant fish on it. It also has some brass or bronze flower detail. Any help is appreciated!

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  1. This kind of thing is far more likely to be found in a book showing hundreds of pictures of antiques at your library or take some pictures and go to or e-mail a museum that has a good furniture collection.
    You might also use advanced search on Google Images to remove unrelated returns (like omit rifle to avoid barrel returns there.) And look at all the images.

  2. Dude is right, you will have more luck in a library.
    There are many of the larger auction houses, like Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Hindemann Auction houses that offer appraisals on line. It involves sending pics, measurements, etc. but they can tell you all about who made it, when it was made, etc. especially if you cannot find the info any other way.

  3. Dating chairs
    Before the 19th century, chair seat frames were strengthened with glued corner braces. After c.1840 shaped and screwed triangular brackets were used.

    Below is a fantastic site to ask and search for answers. They are the BBC and have a link to the Antiques Roadshow with forums,photografic catelogued chairs and antiques as well as a question areas on their site.
    Antiques Roadshow
    This message board hosts a lively community at the heart of Lifestyle. http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mblifestyle/
    What’s it worth? section below;
    You can get appraisals or information on line if you can’t go in person.
    Once you get a photo of your chair.
    Go to and upload a picture for free at http://www.flickr.com/ site or at http://ww.photobucket.com/.
    Then post it at any of the following sites for the Appraisal and information/help.
    For Fine Art; like paintings,sculptures and high end antique furniture pieces, go to;
    http://www.christies.com/appraisals_valu… One of The Best
    http://www.sothebys.com/ As this one is
    http://www3.sympatico.ca/appraisers/……. for sure for free
    If you have the time, you could also go to your local library and select a few different books. There are several available and you’ll be able to compare information and prices

    Hope this helps,

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