8 Replies to “Where can I get 9mm non lethal ammunition with chalk or paint in the tip?”

  1. The problem with these for training is that it only takes one idiot mixing up his magazines to have an accidental shooting on your hands.

  2. Even “non-lethal” ammo can be lethal sometimes. It’s like “childproof” pill bottle caps. They work sometimes, but you’ll always come across some dextrous toddler who can manage to get daddy’s heart meds out of the bottle.

    There are places that sell ammo with rubber bullets that you use as the first round that you fire in a self defense situation. This is done mostly to avoid being sued by the robber/criminal or the family and from being prosecuted for killing somebody in a non-self defense situation. You can tell the judge/jury “I warned him with a non-lethal shot and he STILL kept trying to rob/rape/murder me, I tried everything I could. This was obviously self defense”.

    The big problem with this kind of ammo is it tends to not cycle your semiauto because it doesn’t use nearly as much powder which causes there to not be enough recoil to properly cycle the pistol. In some situations this can cause jams. If it partially cycles and pushes the next round out of place, you now have a jammed pistol in a self defense situation. It can also create the problem of needing to use both of your hands and extra time to rack the slide again before you can fire.

    As for practicing on another living person, DON”T. “Non-lethal” can still be lethal or cause some serious injury. You don’t want to risk shooting a friend. A projectile flying at you fairly fast is not fun, and it could possibly be the last thing you do.

  3. My father has a box of these blue plastic 9mm training rounds,I think they are very lethal,they are very fast and penetrate deep for plastic,I would not want to get shot by one.He bought them from a gun show about 5 years ago.I think that they are Russian and I also know that the primers are corrosive.

  4. use a paintball gun if this is for training purposes of any kind. Non-lethal can still kill.. and if it is for home defense, well don’t bother with non-lethal crap. Could use more reasoning for what you are doing with it, maybe we could better help.

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